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My name is Nancy Ringel. I was born in Chicago in the mid 1950s and grew up an only child. I have two grown sons and two grandchildren. My parents have been gone now for years.They were older parents, as I was born after "the war", which is the term they used to encompass all of their horrific experiences during the Holocaust. They did not know each other during the war years, and, in fact, were married to different people then. They met each other in a displaced persons camp a few years after the war ended, and emigrated to the U.S. together.

As I matured and actually began to comprehend what their lives in Poland were like, my sense of wanting and needing to know more about their experiences also grew -- with a driving force. I knew that someday I had to share this. I just didn't know it would take me over two decades to accomplish it!

My goal was to be able to take my parents' experiences and put them into a chronologically correct and readable form to pass down to my children, their children and anyone else interested in expanding their understanding of and compassion for those who suffered because of the Holocaust. 

I searched and found a wonderful woman, a freelance writer named Jenni Hadden, to help me in this endeavor. She has true compassion and rose to the occasion. I am blessed to have had her on my team for this project, and I can now happily say that my mission has been accomplished. I'm proud of this book. My parents would have been proud, too. 

This book, we believe, would be of particular interest to libraries, schools and archives, because Publishing For the Generations is committed to preserving and sharing the memories of Holocaust survivors and their children -- to ensure that this dark chapter of human history is not forgotten and never repeated.

By reading What They Could Not Forget: Holocaust Memoirs of Leo and Wjera Ringel, you will see that it is possible to endure and overcome even the greatest tragedies. We believe that, in experiencing this intimate glimpse into the pain and sadness of the lives of these two tremendous survivors, you'll also gain compassion for humankind.