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It's my great pleasure to share with all of you, the award winning 2ND edition of What They Could Not Forget: Holocaust Memoirs by Leo and Wjera Ringel. This book will personalize and expand your knowledge of what it actually felt like to live during the Holocaust.

This book has a user-friendly, interactive format that engages the senses, creating anticipation in beginning and completing the experience. Everyone involved in the production of this quality book, put their heart into it.

What They Could Not Forget is an excellent choice for adult and young adult readers who want to understand more about the Holocaust, or who simply enjoy memoirs and personal histories. It is also a book that schools can use to augment and enhance the learning process of World War ll history. The students' classroom experience will become more personal by this book's scrapbook-like style that deeply involves the reader in these true stories about real people from a real family. The front and back both open to reveal a vellum envelope holding pictures and captions. There is a section in the back revealing my parents' documents.

The font size is reader-friendly. Whether you're in high school or a member of more mature generations, I believe this experience will be one that leads you to a path of greater understanding.

You can own this 2ND edition for only $8.95.

Help spread this story and support remembrance.  

U.S.:$8.95 (S&H free)


Canada:$8.95(S&H free)


Europe:$8.95(S&H free)


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